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Actor attributes: boolean and integer interaction ( Fixed)

ohtukrwohtukrw Sir dogePosts: 106Member
edited July 2016 in Working with GS (PC)
Working on pc. When changing an attribute, how to get self.A and self.B?

Change attribute>actor>???


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member

    Your previous thread contains all the context / information needed to help people understand what you are referring to when you mention self.A and self.B . . . slicing off this one question and putting it in its own thread just makes it hard to understand. It's best to keep a conversation about a specific issue in one thread.

    Self.A and Self.B in my example code (in the other half of this conversation elsewhere on the forum) are two attributes I made, to make an attribute double click on the actor in the Actors window that you want to make an attribute for . . . this will show its attributes, then click the little '+' button at the bottom of the attributes to make a new attribute.

    You have a choice of attribute types, the most commonly used are:

    Boolean (An on and off type attribute, good for switches and true/false type rules)
    Integer (Whole numbers)
    Real (Numbers with decimal places)

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