Timer, spawn actor, move not working properly.

iam new to GameSalad.
iam making a spaceship shooting game. for shooting i included a timer which spawn a fire image and i did same for the enemies. but i didnt get desired output.
the code seems fine to me. i cant find any logical errors. Can you help me plz.
i attach the link for the project here.


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    1. What is the "desired output"? And what actually happened (e.g. spawned only one bullet that didn't move, spawned too many bullets that moved too fast, etc.)?
    2. How do you shoot in your game? What do you click and/or what key(s) do you press?
    3. Which actor contains the spawning rules? Neither of your "shoot" actors have any rules.

    I recommend using prototype actors whenever possible and not unlocking (double-clicking) actors in a scene unless absolutely necessary.

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