What's with these strange font names???

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I'm having trouble getting display text to work on the Arcade. Works sometimes, not sometimes. I see nothing on Firefox (black screen totally so that's more than text). On Chrome on Windows game works but no text shows (reading text from a table). On the Mac Safari was really strange. The answers shown were not for the question asked. ???? On the Mac using Chrome no text at all. So, Alex from GameSalad spent a lot of wonderful time with me today and I thought it was fixed. What he did was just copy/paste my display text stuff into another one and it worked fine. but now it doesn't. On Alex's code the font was changed to Arial, but I don't see that in the dropdown. I don't know any of these fonts listed in the dropdown. Ideas? I've spent my whole afternoon on this and seem to be back where I started.


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    We would need to have the project file or at the very least screenshots of your rules to be able to help you. I don't have Arial either so it may be that Alex had added that as a custom font.

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