Connected to internet - IAP purchase request - callback attribute

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i am trying to place HUD actor in scene when it's position depends whether device is connected to internted or not.(if connected Ad banner is on the top and HUD actor under banner, if not connected , HUD is on top - Portrait mode)

I am trying the solution with callback attribute of IAP purchase request mentioned in another thread.

I placed behavior in timer:

Every 30s (run to completion checked)
IAP - Request purchase data
star 1 end -1
callback ConnectedToInternet

in actor which i want to place:

if ConnectedToInternet is > 0
change self.positionY to X
change self.positionY to Y

In Adhoc testing , when i have Wifi OFF, Mobile data OFF , it's trigger rule and change Callback to 0(ok behaviour triggered) and 1 (recieved data) . How it is possible ? When i exit game wifi is still OFF, mobile data OFF, so how it can change callback attribute from -1 to 1 if device is not connected to internet?

When in game, there is empty space where banner should be placed (if wifi or mobile data off, when internet ON banner is shown OK) and HUD is moved down, because of ConnectedToInternet is 1.

Any idea please?

Thank you and sorrry for my english



  • kes0hkes0h Member, PRO Posts: 18

    So I am the only one who have this issue?

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKMember Posts: 2,302

    As mentioned several times in various threads:

    Place the 'Request Purchase Data' to automatically run once when the app loads, NOT in a rule.

  • kes0hkes0h Member, PRO Posts: 18

    Hi, thank you @pHghost , i will try that

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKMember Posts: 2,302

    Hope it solves your issue!

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