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I am designing a farming type app where I have a certain amount of seeds and once the integer seed value is <= 0, I will display text that says "no more apple seeds." On my play area, I do not allow players to plant in certain areas like in the sky or on the roof of the barn. But those places would be a good place to display text. I have added actors, let's say sky and barn scenes where seeds can't be planted, and designed the display text behavior to display in the sky with x and y offsets, but the display text behavior gets hidden under the sky actor in game play. So my question is: how do you do something like "send to front" for display text? I always want the message, "there are no more apple seeds" to appear. How is that done?


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    A Display Text behaviour will always display the text on the same layer as the Disply Text behaviour.

    Make sure your Display Text behaviour is in front of any actors that would otherwise hide it.

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    To get to that, in case you are new to GameSalad, in in Scene > Layers.

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