in need of information regarding cooldown function?

im in need of some information or a link to a video regarding this matter.i have a player actor that i want to be able to shoot it does that how ever i want him to go on cooldown before he can fire again say fire once wait 2 or 3 seconds then be able to fire again.or fire twice wait x amount of time then fire again.something in those lines i have tried puting in timers but clearly im unsure of how to do it.i suspect i might need a table for this fucntion.


  • CrimzinsnowCrimzinsnow Member Posts: 13

    im using touch buttons so the normal way doesnt work

  • CrimzinsnowCrimzinsnow Member Posts: 13

    hmm think i fixed my problem i did this:in player actor i put a timer below the spawn actor,and put a for x seconds constrain shoot to false..

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKMember Posts: 2,309

    Congratulations! It's always satisfying to figure out a solution!

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