Creating POP-UPS in the Same Screen (e.g. Initial Screen)

artloverartlover Member, PRO Posts: 16

Hello guys,

I'm recently creating a game, and in the Initial Screen or Home Screen, there's this SETTINGS BUTTON, when the player click it, I want it to have a PopUp on it.

QUESTION: How can I have the PopUp appear on the Same Screen like the Initial Screen when the Settings (for example) has been clicked?

Settings Button Popup:
1. Will have a PopUp small square with 2 buttons on it
2. The 2 buttons
3. Will Dim the Initial Screen behind

Sample Initial Screen, the Settings Button is in the lower left below

...when the Player click the Settings Button, this PopUp Screen will appear, and the background behind it will dim

Thank You Very Much in Advanced to those who will answer me :) It'll be a big help :)


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