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Hi all, I need ideas for an endless runner type of game where you run non-stop and can jump. (You can stop running at any time by holding down the click button.) I just need more ideas to reach a 50 level account so I can post it on Steam, etc.

Here is a link to a forum I made: http://ultimaterunner.freeforums.net/

Please help Ultimate Runner out! You can post ideas below. All help is appreciated!

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    Are you looking to hire someone to create graphics for you? Asking for free assets is not allowed on the forums: http://forums.gamesalad.com/discussion/68913/forum-rules-and-guidelines/p1.

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    Also, it sounds like you already have a game in progress but just need ideas for additional levels? If so, it would be a good idea to explain how your game works, if there's a theme, etc.

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    I didn't know where to post this thread so I did here. I was just asking if anyone had ideas they knew about and didn't care to share. I am looking for a graphics designer I guess that would be content with just having his/her name in the credits, etc. The game doesn't really have a theme, just maybe get the final badge I guess. I understand if this thread isn't allowed. It would be better if you guys helped out here instead:


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    It's fine that you posted here. But again, asking for free graphics (e.g. "you'll be credited") is against forum rules. I think you may get more responses if you're clear about what kinds of ideas you need but I could be wrong... either way, good luck!

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    With no information how could I possibly give ideas to what????
    Can you give some examples? Ideas you already have or anything? Examples of games you like? Sketches? Screen shots..... that would help.

    Random idea #1
    Level 35

    Ice cream trucks explodes. Reach the end while avoiding falling ice cream treats.

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    @twayne1 Go download a whole bunch of the most popular endless runner games, play them all, take notes about their theme ideas, the style of graphics, the number of levels, the increase in difficulty, what motivated you to keep playing (or why you quit), the rewards and the frequency of ads. Read the reviews and see what players like and don't like about a those games. Take note of player requests and suggestions. In other words research and then brainstorm!

    Don't just try to copy any of these games!

    At the end of this exercise you should have a pretty good idea of what you want to try to create that is different from other endless runners, unique in its look and feel, and that people will enjoy and keep playing.

    Then if you think you'll need help from a writer, graphic artist, animator, programmer, musician or even a marketer you'll know the specifics of what to ask from them.

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