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Testing my game

So when I test a game that I am working on I see it in ipad landscape. Can I get rid of the grey area surrounding it? What does the grey area represent? When I switch to gamesalad arcade it seems zoomed in. Can I expand it? I tried messing around with game size and scene size and camera, but the grey stays... any help?


  • -Timo--Timo- Posts: 2,313Member

    What platform (device) or you working on in gamesalad?
    There are 3 aspect ratios you can choose when the app is opened on other devices than the platform you're working with in gamesalad.

    You can manually make it universal if you don't want the bars on the sides.
    for iPad the sizes are 1024x768 (landscape) or 768x1024 (portrait)

    It depends on the difficulty of your game how much work it is. Certain actors need to be moved or whatever.

    If screen screen.size.width (or height) = 1024 (or 768 depending on portrait or landscape)
    all code for iPad size (for example change self.position.y to self.position.y - 100 so the actor gets in camera for iPad size)
    all code for start platform

    Probably not the best explanation but I hope it helps.

  • twayne1twayne1 Posts: 43Member

    Thanks for the advice. I think that the grey is not important.

  • twayne1twayne1 Posts: 43Member

    Someone can close this thread now.

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