Why won't my game reset?

Hi, new to GS so hello to all. I'm working on my first game, tuts aside, and have ran into a bit of a snag. The game is a side scroller with spawning BG. ATM I have only one enemy who's using accelerate towards game.playerx and y, which I've linked accordingly. I set up a health meter and a timer for taking damage. Upon player death, I have the player destroyed, spawn a death animation, short timer,destroy that animation, then reset game. Everything works good, for the most part,except the problem is after my player dies, is destroyed and disappears, the enemy just hovers back and forth in the spot where he killed my hero and the game wont reset. I've added in a game over boolean attribute, tried resetting the players x and y coords, even tried just destroying the enemy outright but he just refuses to go away. Any recommendations? thanks


  • josht2005josht2005 Member Posts: 2

    Well, after taking a break for a while, i figured it out. I had my final death timer in the wrong group. Sometimes it's best just to walk away for a while. Thanks anyway for looking!

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    Glad you figured it out!

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