An actor that can be moved by a player but not by what hits it

Hello All,

First post as a new member. I was a pro member over 3-4 years ago but I lost access to my email address so cannot reset my password :-(

Anyway, I'm playing catch up from 3-4 years ago and have gotten into a little pickle!

I'll describe what I have built, and the problem, and hopefully someone can help jog my memory.

I have an actor, it is a door (laid flat - horizontally). I also have another actor, this is a raindrop. I am using gravity so that the rain falls. (I have used both gravity and accelerate on the rain drops to try and sort this).

The door I need static, so that when the rain hits it it doesn't move.

I also have the door opening on touch, to let the rain through. I use 'Rotate to angle to open it to an open position.

Now the problem is, as I have the door set to 'non' moveable (actor property), this means that my rule to open and close the door doesn't work.

When I set the door to Moveable, it opens and shuts correctly but then moves and bounces off when a rain drop hits it.

Is there something I can set on the door, that will keep it in place (especially when hit with a rain drop), but also allow it to open and close with my rule?

I thought I knew how to address this but obviously forgot!

Cheers everyone.


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