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Any update on the following thread? (spawned-actors-spawning-actors-that-follow)

robert.j.mccarthyrobert.j.mccarthy Posts: 4Member
edited August 2017 in Working with GS (PC)

Hello All,

I have been searching the forum for an answer to a problem I have, and actually found a discussion about this over 6 years ago. The discussion is closed, so I wondered if anyone knew if this was possible now?

I'll link to the original post below, as well as copy the original question:

"how do you spawn a ship, spawn a thruster and then make that specific thruster follow that specific ship??"

Basically I want to spawn 'Actor1', which in turn spawns 'Actor2' & 'Actor3' and constrains themsleves to 'Actor1'. However I want multiple 'Actor1' on the screen.

I hope that makes sense :s

Many thanks,


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