Deleting an actor when clicking a different actor

Hello All!

I am creating an AppQuiz and I am trying to figure out how to delete actors when I click on a different actor. I see the 'destroy actor' button, but that only destroys that specific actor and has no option of choosing a different actor. So, in my game I am trying to have it where if the answer is correct/wrong the corresponding actors pop up (check mark, or X), but when I click the 'Next' button I want them to be destroyed or disappear or what-not. When the next button is clicked it goes to the next question and the user can again click the answers and either a 'check mark' or an 'X' pops up, etc.

Another question I have that I cannot seem to figure out is when the user clicks on the answers, if they are wrong they can keep guessing, however, when they are right I want the rest of the answers to be 'frozen' so that the user can not click on them and the 'X' marks appear.

My deepest apologies if this question has been answered many times before, but I cannot seem to find it in the forums or in any videos!


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