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Freezing actors

Hello everyone,

I am creating a QuizApp and I am trying to create a freezing attribute to make my other answers "frozen" (un-clickable) if the correct answer has already been chosen. I have created a boolean attribute called frozen and set it to if the correct answer has been selected set to true else set to false (and these are on all of the questions). Now, when the correct answers are found a corresponding actor (correct/wrong) are spawned. So, I go to my correct/wrong actors and set if attribute 'frozen' is true ...... and that is where I am stuck... do I need to be working with my correct/wrong actors or the answer actors themselves. Also, when it is true what behavior can I use that will basically make the actor inactive?

Along the same lines I have a 'next' actor that I want frozen until the correct answer is found. What will I have to do in this case? I am just not sure which behavior to choose.

Thank y'all!

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