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Error when publishing

Neo0Neo0 Posts: 7Member, PRO

I get an error when I try to publish the code to the site in my portfolio, a screenshot of the error in the attachment.
It is necessary to do through export ZIP.
Version of creator is 1.25.6227.28368
Earlier when I uploaded my first code, I did not receive such an error. Neither did it the first time, nor when he updated the existing one.
But now i get an error.
Please help:)

  1. I select in creator menu File - Publish...
  2. I see screen with message "Announcing upload..."
  3. After that i see screen with message "Uploading..."
  4. I get message error


  • Neo0Neo0 Posts: 7Member, PRO

    Problem solved.
    I uninstalled and reinstall gamesalad creator.

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