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How do I import a file on to GameSalad Creator 2.0?

So i saw the video introducing GameSalad Creator 2.0, and i love the new features. But i can't find a way to import my GameSalad projects files. Does anyone know how?


  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,474Member

    You need to publish your game to gamesalad website by clicking the publish button

    Once your done uploading your game head to

    click on published projects

    Click the little arrow icon beside the name of the game you published

    A notification will pop up

    Now click My Projects

    and you will be able to open your published game on version 2.0 , hope this helps

  • Two.ETwo.E Posts: 437Member, BASIC
    edited October 2017

    @adent42 Sent you a message (EDIT)

  • geoascenciogeoascencio Posts: 13Member

    @Icebox Thank you so much!

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