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Does the Android GameSalad Viewer actually work?

HymloeHymloe Posts: 1,651Member, PRO

How does one get the Android GS Viewer to work?

I've downloaded it from the Google Play store on an HTC One M7, and M8 and an M9, and none of them work.

I load my project into Game Salad Creator 1.25.79, and load the Viewer on one of the devices.

The "Preview on Android" button shows up at the top of Creator, and I click it, and it compresses the game build, but once the bar is full, it never actually starts sending it to the device, and the device screen itself just stays on the usual start-up state, it never goes to a loading bar state.

What's going on?

It hasn't worked for me, ever I don't think. Certainly not on any of my recent attempts to use it.

Does it actually work???


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