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I just purchased the Pro version and I want a refund

I have asked SEVERAL TIMES for an explanation of how to install an HTML5 onto a wordpress website. The "guru" video glosses over the file creation portion of the tutorial. My request for a more complete explanation has been ignored.

The marketplace doesn't have a domain anymore. How do you lose your domain?!

I tried to put in a support ticket to get the question answered and after I got no reply, I went back to the Pro support link and got this: "Bummer. It looks like the help center at no longer exists." So, not only can't I get an explanation of how to do the one thing I bought the Pro version for, I can't get the "priority support" that was offered with the Pro version. What did I pay for?!

So gamesalad no longer has a marketplace, no longer has priority support for people who paid extra and no one will explain clearly how to install an HTML5 file onto a website. It's as if, if you don't already know, you don't deserve an explanation. The reason I came to this site in the first place was because it was advertised to people who don't code. But I am treated like I am supposed to already know how to create a file to install HTML5 and if I don't, go somewhere else to figure it out.

Unfortunately, I have recommended this tool to a community college client. I will now have to tell them to scrap their game developer program because this software is not well supported.

This is beginning to look like an operation that no longer functions. I will be going elsewhere and requesting a refund.


  • ChangebiasChangebias Posts: 11Member

    Oh good, they've brought back a way to spend more money. Thumbs up on the marketplace. I still want my money back.

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    Sorry, but while there are a lot of people here who will help you if they can, and have the experience, your question is actually not a GameSalad question.

    If you have the the HTML5 file generated and all of that process worked fine, I don't see why you are wanting to request a refund from GameSalad?

    Surely, the question of how to embed an HTML5 file on WordPress, is an issue you should take up with the customer support of WordPress, not GameSalad. You aren't making much sense.

  • ChangebiasChangebias Posts: 11Member

    You didn't read, obviously. There is no explanation of how to create a file to upload the html5 to a website. I've taken a peek over to Game Maker and they explain it thoroughly.

  • JapsterJapster Posts: 672Member

    @Changebias said:
    You didn't read, obviously. There is no explanation of how to create a file to upload the html5 to a website. I've taken a peek over to Game Maker and they explain it thoroughly.

    I can understand that you're frustrated, but I don't see the justification in being rude to other users (not GS staff) who are commenting, it's really not going to make anyone ally themselves to your point of view.

    I have to agree with @pHghost - I actually have plenty of issues with GS (advertising, lack of support of the core money generating product (which I agree with you on, to be fair) etc), BUT, as he rightly points out, it looks like you've actually produced something in GS that you feel is at a point where you can publish it, so the GS creator has actually helped you to do this - and as regards HTML5, the output produced can be integrated into a site in the same way any other game creation product's HTML5 app can be, so the same should hold true for wherever you find the information about uploading and hosting HTML5 apps/content.

    The one thing that catches people out is that it's not just uploading content, and that's it, done. Rather, that content needs to be 'served', to be able to run, etc. That's what threw me too, and I'd also love to help if I could, but when I got my app up and running a year ago or so, I realised that my current project was way too ambitious (in terms of memory, CPU, features, etc) to happily run in HTML5 - that would have also been true had I created it in any of several other competing engines.

    In short, I do sincerely wish you the best of luck with the refund, but really, taking your frustration out on others, and expecting an answer from the forum's userbase with no specific information, in the same post as a frustrated/volatile outburst, even to insinuating that no-one WANTS to help out, isn't cool/ is not the best way to get help...

    One thing that might help you get your app wider coverage by actually creating an executable for you, is checking into Web2Exe type converters - @jonmulcahy managed to release his game "A Long Way Home" on Steam by looking into this avenue....

  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    @Changebias said:
    You didn't read, obviously.

    I did. In your various threads, you clearly said you managed to get the .zip and have the HTML5 file, but you are struggling with:

    @Changebias said:
    no one will explain clearly how to install an HTML5 file onto a website

    That aspect, of installing an HTML5 file onto a website, is a completely different skill, which has nothing to do with GameSalad anymore. The purpose of GameSalad is to enable you to make the game and export it. There are plenty of tutorials by users about then publishing to different platforms, but only the most common ones and useful ones will be covered. If you are publishing to a platform that isn't popular with many people, you might need to brush up your skills elsewhere.

    Start here:

  • ToqueToque Posts: 1,182Member

    A friend of mine tried to do the same. He spent hours figuring it out. Eventually he did but not without the help of GS support. Then it just worked. Sorry I don’t know technically what needed to be done.

    It would be nice to have clear instructions on the topic. Maybe not possible.

  • ChangebiasChangebias Posts: 11Member
    edited November 2017

    Someone says to me that I'm not making any sense when I explained myself very clearly, but telling them they didn't read is rude. lmao.

    Crazy that game maker was able to explain clearly. I followed the directions and got it done. That's what should have been done here, but no one wanted to take the time. That's why I'm going to game maker.

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