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Create a Wall without bouncing


I am totally new here. Just downloaded gamesalad yesterday. I have finished the tutorial and now I am starting to create a game.

The first thing, extremely basic is that my actor can move out of the screen. So I decided to put walls so he stays inside ^^

But the walls are making the actor to bounce and I just want it to block the player without any bouncing.

To make the walls, I created and actor and add a "collide" effect. Which automatically include "bounce". How to remove this bounce effect please ?

Thank you :)

Best Answer

  • Bowhill GamesBowhill Games Posts: 191Member
    Accepted Answer

    Hello @baazul if you open up your wall actor and take a look at its attributes, there will be a section called "Physics" in here you will see an attribute called "Bounciness" set this to 0 and you will no longer bounce off the actor.

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