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Steam Release

Twayne2Twayne2 Posts: 393Member, PRO
edited November 2017 in Working with GS (PC)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me a very thorough, step-by-step instruction list of how to release a game to Steam, (I already know that I need to do paperwork, be an individual developer or have a corporation, and pay $100, but more specifically I need to know how to give them the file or code of my game.) Any and all help is appreciated! :)


  • IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,483Member

    I need to know how to give them the file or code of my game.

    The windows file or code your talking about is a native exe export , which gamesalad does not support. You cant publish a native exe. Gamesalad can publish to these platforms

    If you want you can publish an html5 game and use NW.js to wrap it into a package then submit it to steam.

    NW.js (previously known as node-webkit) lets you call all Node.js modules directly from DOM and enables a new way of writing applications with all Web technologies.

    Search for more info on google .

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