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You have banner issues?

ZwireZwire Posts: 165Member, BASIC
edited March 2018 in Working with GS (PC)


My game is made in landscape and I have banners running with Admob.

The problem is that the banners are not always showing. Sometimes they do and sometimes not. I can see them sometimes appearing for 0.1 sec. real quick and then they dissapear.

I would like to know if you too have this problem so I know if its because of my game logic or a Gamesalad bug.

Please comment and tell me if your banners are working or not or when you know how to fix this.




  • ZwireZwire Posts: 165Member, BASIC
    edited March 2018

    I have to add that its a android issue. IOS is working fine.

    Anyone's android game has banners not working?

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