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Recommendations for CAF converter

scottwoodscottwood Posts: 68Member, PRO

I'm working on a project with lots of small audio files. @Armelline kindly recommended using CAF files for audio, noting they have a larger file size than mp3 but that they load quicker in GS. As the title suggests, I'm looking for recommendations for methods of converting.

Audacity doesn't seem to do it. I've found instructions for doing it with iTunes ( but my PC version of iTunes does not have the relevant options. works, but the file size was nearly five times greater when I tried.


  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,706Member, PRO
    edited March 2018

    I made a little MAC ONLY script that will take a folder of WAV files (the format I was starting with) and convert them to CAF, then delete the WAV files.

    Remember, it will DELETE the WAV files, so run this on a BACKUP folder.

    There is zero error checking or any interface - I made it only for my use.

    I know you're on PC, but this is all I have! If you want to send me the files (as WAVs) I'm happy to convert them. Comparing the OGG files (GS created when I imported the original WAVs) to the CAF files, the CAF files in my project were about 30% bigger, but loaded about 60% faster.

    Afraid I can't be of more help with PC! CAF is an Apple format, unless I'm mistaken.

  • RowdyPantsRowdyPants Posts: 454Member

    Nice script Armelline

    And yes, CAF = Core Audio Format which is an Apple created format.

  • scottwoodscottwood Posts: 68Member, PRO

    That’s great, many thanks @Armelline. I have a virtual Mac installed so I could run your script on that. It’s an ongoing project where I’ll be creating a series of versions of my game for different foreign language vocabulary topics, supplied by other teachers - so I’ll need my own means of converting.

  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Posts: 1,558Member
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