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Multitouch on Windows not working ( are missing)

t.hazzan36t.hazzan36 Posts: 3Member, BASIC

Hi, I need urgent help with multitouch in my platformer game.
I am using the windows version of GS. When Iam opening the multitouch template of Gamesalad Guru, in the rules where should be written "if" (1 to 11), only shows me "invalid path". Does that mean, that I cannot use these device-attributes on Windows? Or is there another way to do multitouch on Win?
Actually I only want to transfer simple keyboard controls into touch contols (max. 2-3 simultaneous touches). So for examples I want my hero to jump while moving left/right (basically press button while pressing another touch button simultaneously).
Iam really kind of stucked here... Therefore any help is appreciated ;-)


  • Twayne2Twayne2 Posts: 351Member, PRO

    Can't you just have multiple keyboard rules? It works for me. :smile:

  • t.hazzan36t.hazzan36 Posts: 3Member, BASIC

    For publishing on mobile phones that would be difficult ;)

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