need help with spawn/destroy question!

so i am working on a project and i have a tech question here . so my game has actors that spawn off screen on the top and moves to the bottom for the screen . when it collides with the bottom bar it destroyed its sell , as the top actor spawner is set on a 3 sec timer. and this will repeat it self ... what i am asking is if i have actors that constantly spawn and destroy will this slow my game down , cause it seems lagy in the gamesalad veiwer on my android phone


  • jamie_cjamie_c Member, BASIC Posts: 5,770

    Hi, it will help to know how many actors you might be spawning at one time, are you talking about maybe 5 actors or 5000 on screen at once? Lag and slowdowns are more often attributed to how your behaviors are set up. You may need to optimize your code/behaviors.

  • IceboxIcebox Member Posts: 1,484

    I would first test by publishing the game (apk) instead of using gamesalad viewer , especially on android. My games usually lag on android viewer and works much better once they are published. But as Jamie said you may need to optimize your code/behaviours.

  • Mr.Soares88Mr.Soares88 Member Posts: 6

    hi and thank you for your comments . to be clear , i have actors spawn spawning 3 at a time moving to the bottom at the mos there will me about 20 at one point . also i did take in consideration about the game salad viewer being a bit laggy. if i publish the app is there a way to take it down ? thank you both for your speedy reply . also i should mention i do have 30 attributes for one of the 3 actors to set as a random , instead of using a table set in an off screen spawner . each actor has 30 attributes to spawn at a set location . maybe that can cause things to slow .
    once agian thank you so much for your help , look forward to reading what you have to say

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