Hey everyone, a few questions for you.


I've been a hobbyist dev for the last decade or 2, and have completed several projects over the years. I've been predominately a unity dev for the last few years, but I'm looking to expand my tools a bit.

I've semi followed this engine for a long time, and I'm thinking about adding it to my tool bag.

I fully realize the limitations on something like this in general, and I'm fairly proficient with a few different languages, so I'm assuming the learning curve should be a smooth one.

I've just been thinking lately that I would like to add an engine like this to my workflow to quickly create some of the smaller games I have in mind.

Don't get me wrong, I love unity and will continue to use it, but the prospect of having a quick drag and drop style of "game maker" to use to produce some of my ideas sounds like a breath of fresh air.

Where better to ask than the community of people who use it?

My predominate question is pertaining to performance. I am fully aware that I have alot more power at hand with unity, but most of the time(for casual games) it's overkill really, but still involves having to write it. (Which still can be fast, but not drag and drop and edit a few variables fast)

I develop for iOS and Android both. I know what's advertised, but honestly, from those who have experienced it, how do gamesalad games fair in the wild ? Assuming correctly written, optimized logic, is the end product satisfactory? Smooth?

I am willing to sacrifice some power for dev speed as long as the end product won't end up being a waste of my time. :)

Thank you


  • mikejamesfishermikejamesfisher Member, PRO Posts: 85

    A great game was just released using gamesalad... Polar Rollout. Check it out. Plays very smooth. As fro building the games, I have found that as long as the code isnt causing a glitch, it is very smooth. Once in a while, there is some odd thing that doesnt work but there is usually a way to quickly work around. For a hobbyist, it is actually fun and rewarding when fixing things.

  • AdrenalineAdrenaline Member Posts: 523

    I recommend reading the top sticky thread in this forum, "State of the Salad". It will give you the best picture of where GS is as a product and what kind of resources they have to keep it moving forward.

    Any other responses you're likely to get here will just be other people's version of what's available in that thread.

  • BlastShock StudiosBlastShock Studios Member Posts: 3

    Thank you both for the replies. That game looks fantastic.

    I saw the state of the salad post, and not that I doubt anything per say, I just wanted some opinions from devs who are not an employee of the company:D

    I think I'll give it a go. Games on the scale of "polar rollout" is exactly the scale of game I had in mind for an engine such as this one. :)

  • Twayne2Twayne2 Member Posts: 458
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    Go for it. I have been using Gamesalad for a good long time and I love it. A great tool. I have a game in the process of being uploaded to Steam, which is nice. Little to no 3-d capability I believe. Also no true multiplayer capability,( although I think you can do RPG games.) Really fun to mess around with, while also taking some skill to use. Give it a go. I would advise watching tutorials, such as Jamie Cross's platformer tutorials. They gave me a boost into Gamesalad. (Thanks man! :)) If you need any help, give me a shout and I can maybe help a little bit. (I don't know much about tables though.) :) Welcome to the community! :smiley:

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