Exporting to Mac causes everything to shift to lower-left quadrant


Just dipping my toes back into the GS water after a while out to see how things are looking. Obviously there are issues...

I prefer the PC creator and I normally create on there and export to Mac for testing different screen-sizes etc, but at the moment when I run on Mac creator after export all my actors seem to think that the screen size is 1/4 of the actual size and only populate the lower-left quadrant!

I know thus is a bit of an edge-case, but has anyone else experienced this or know what could be causing the problem?


  • barleyesqbarleyesq Member Posts: 72

    I realised that the viewer is getting confused whenever you use the Game.DeviceScreen.Size.width function.

    If you change the zoom in the viewer to 50%, for example, it will half the value spat out by the function. It also gets screwed when you change the target device too, which is making it impossible to test for different screen sizes.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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