Equivalent to GameSalad for Apps

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Is there an equivalent to GameSalad but for building apps? I need to build some apps, but I don't want to have to keep paying someone's subscription in order for it to work.. And I want it simple like GameSalad. I will need the ability to tie into database in the cloud too.... Is there such a thing?


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    @bkhoward2001 There are several tools for building applications. The Forum Rules limit discussions about competitors and competing software engines so I want to be careful here. I'll list a few (without links or pricing) and you can check them out. I will say, I've explored all of these tools and while I enjoy using several of them, I find myself returning to the GameSalad platform for its ease of use, flexibility, prototypic power, community, support, and overall value. The other softwares listed here generally have most of these features but lack in other areas. Use the right tool for the right job so before choosing a platform decide your goals. Do you want to make mobile utility apps? Do you want to make games for a specific genre? Do you want 2D or 3D? Do you want global reach? Do you want multi-platform? Do you want the ability to tap into databases? Do you want 'codeless' or 'visual coding' including? Are you willing to learn a programming language -- they're much easier to learn than an actual spoken language btw!

    • Adventure Game Studio
    • AppGameKit
    • Banshee
    • Buildbox
    • Cocos 2D
    • Construct / 2
    • CopperCube
    • Corona
    • Defold
    • GameMaker
    • GDevApp
    • GDevelop
    • Godot
    • Horde 3D
    • jMonkeyEngine
    • Leadwerks
    • MonoGame
    • Ogre
    • OpenRTS
    • Phaser
    • RPG Maker
    • Skia
    • Spark
    • Spring
    • Starling
    • Stencyl
    • Struckd
    • Torque 2D / 3D
    • Turbulenz
    • Twine
    • Unity
    • Unreal
    • Urho 3D
    • Visual Studio
    • Xamarin
    • Xcode

    Consider the time spent learning the tool, different pricing models, the support you'll want, and if after researching you find it's just a bit too much to do everything then that's okay too! You may want to focus in on one aspect (design / code / writing / marketing / etc) and that's when the power of teams can help out tremendously. Instead of creating every single piece of your app you can grab an artist in the forums and have them do music, graphics, code, etc. If you're short on money you can even use royalty free items found all over the place on the web. I'm getting distracted here but my objective in this is to show that it's a pretty fantastic time to be making apps.

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    @RowdyPants I am not trying to compete with Gamesalad... I use Gamesalad for all of my games; however, I need to build some general apps too... I do not want another game building tool. I need them to be able to connect with database in cloud too.... Those are the other tools I am interested in..... I need something like Gamefly ie. no coding experience, to build some apps with.

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    @jamie_c That's very close... but it still needs coding abilities.... Looking for config but no coding... I do not know java....

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