Using PAUSE from a boolean

Rogue AnvilRogue Anvil Member, PRO Posts: 30

Hi all, so I am having trouble with my app freezing (or in test view flickering between the scenes until freeze)...

I am trying to get a pause screen to appear when a boolean (READY) is set to "false" - it is set to "false" from a start button in a previous scene:

Then in the pause screen, certain triggers affect certain conditions when when sets the READY boolean to "true" and unpauses:

Looks like a bug, or me doing something fatally wrong. Please help :)


  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,927

    Hmm... I was able to duplicate the issue, I think. Press 'p' to pause.

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  • Rogue AnvilRogue Anvil Member, PRO Posts: 30

    Another user, @freneticz gave me the tip to avoid the variable to pause the game and just drop the naked pause function in a 0 second Timer. It "fixed" the flickering and now works as intended (without variables, though).

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