A few questions about GS and its compatibility with PC gaming

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I'm considering buying GameSalad, but there are a few things I'm not exactly sure of. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
First of all - is GS good for developing PC games? From everything I've seen online it seems really heavily focused on development of apps for Apple devices. Is there a strong PC community? Is it easy to modify things to make the apps work on PC? Is there anything that's really focused on Apple compatibility that PC developers wouldn't be able to utilize in this program? Would it be easily possible to adjust the resolution of the game for the player? And is it possible for the final project to be released as exe (I know it wasn't in the past, but I'm wondering if that changed)?
Second question - how exactly do achievements work? All the google searches come up with something called Game Centre, which once again seems to be focused on Apple, and I haven't found anything about how to make this work if you do not have an Apple account at all. Is there maybe a tutorial on how to make offline achievements that are entirely stored in the game files, so that there's no need for iTunes or other Apple products?

Thank you very much for any information and have a great day!


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