Screen flashes black then back to normal

Does anyone know a fix to the weird flashes when you preview a game sometimes? A quick black flash and then everything goes back to normal. Help would be greatly appreciated. :)


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    I am also getting the same issue as I am getting the black flashes many times when I am trying to preview a game. I thought it is happening because of any network issue. So I asked g-suite tech support regarding this but it is fine from that side. So is there any solution to remove this annoying black flash?

  • Twayne2Twayne2 Member Posts: 458
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    So I was testing a certain actor out when this was happenening mainly I guess, and when I removed him it was fixed. Something to due with layer and/or color I guess. It was an actor with a color that I specifically desinged using the color attributes, you know, where they all start as 1. Another thing is that when this actor appears it works fine, so it was only when he starts on the screen. Weird.
    Edit: It could have happened because of display text in combination with that actor. Still a glitch though. @adent42.

  • Twayne2Twayne2 Member Posts: 458

    In case anyone ever has this issue again, the black flash was/is because of the display text behaviors. You must have the actors on the front, (top), of the layer. Otherwise, you get that black flash that is extremely annoying and bad for your eyes. If you have multiple actors with display behaviors, try to get them in some kind of order, whether from who displays first to last, or if they do at the same time, try mixing and matching them around in layers until that flash goes away.

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