App needs to play 35 videos - ideas?

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Hi gang, i'm building an app that lets the user play educational videos. The user will typically watch one video per day - all of them are around 3 minutes. I have the videos hosted on Vimeo and have a direct URL link for them.

Any best practices people can suggest for building an app like this? Any good templates available? Thanks gang!!


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    If you already have the videos uploaded (and hence the urls), just create a table with 3 columns, the url, a flag to check if the user has watched the video and a column date.
    On the screen you display the first video where the flag is "false" and if the difference between the display date and what you have recorded in the 3rd column is = 1.
    On the actor that displays the url you add a behaviour, when pressed then update the flag and record the device clock (day, month and year).

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    @jorkos If you'd like I can build out a basic template in Xcode for you. It's a bit different than GameSalad of course but it's Apple designed so it's very intuitive and can even be done partly visually (similar to GameSalad) in the Interface Builder.

    Also check out Framer X. It's a great tool for quickly prototyping design and code. Another favorite of mine is Supernova Studio. You can do most of your design in a visual drag and drop interface with both of these tools. Check out their awesome tutorials and if you decide to use any of these tools I'm happy to help build out a video playing app for you. Just private message me if you're interested and we'll go from there.

    I forgot we can use an embedded browser! I'm still happy to help if you'd like a different (or more native) approach.

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