black screen when I open the game

EtheryouEtheryou Member, PRO Posts: 2

Hi, I recently released my first app for iOS after a bit 'of checks with gs viewer, when I downloaded it but I noticed a black screen that lasts a lot (6-7 seconds) the game has only 12 MB and i dont understand the reason.
at each change of scene, the sign of loading appears I have something wrong with the type of data loading?
I wanted to know even if there is a way to change the loading circle with something personalized


  • MullogMullog Member Posts: 16

    Have you choose a launch image for your app when you publish your app on the gamesalad website? If not I suppose you will just get a black screen instead. Have you tried your app as a adhoc? Did you get the same result then?
    Normally you will get a very short loadingtime between different scenes (at least I get it in my apps). No waiting time, but I will see the loading wheel.
    It's possible to change the loading wheel when you publish on the gamesalad website.

  • EtheryouEtheryou Member, PRO Posts: 2

    lool I had not noticed, thanks
    i haven't put a loading image, in the next update I will repair
    anyway can I see some of your apps?

  • MullogMullog Member Posts: 16

    For the moment I have only made one game and two apps. I'm soon done with my third app, a dice app. I just have some screenshots left to make.

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