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we are planning to create a multitasking android game for our research project, we did good on everything except one: we have trouble adding the other mini games

quick rundown:
our game consists of 4 mini games that will show up one by one in a given time each game will be occupying 4 equal sizes of the screen

we tried googling it, but there's no hope
we tried doing the camera thing but we found out that we cannot change the camera size during the game and if we can, the camera will eventually show the 4th game during the transition towards the 3rd game since the camera screen is a box

help pls


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    A lot of conflicting information in your post... but it sounds like the question is "how do we move/resize the camera without showing parts of the scene we don't want visible."

    There are creative ways you can avoid this problem. For example, you can show a loading image over the scene while transitioning the camera, or you can make everything invisible in parts of the camera area (change attribute self.Color.Alpha to 0).

    If that doesn't answer the question, I suggest posting a screenshot of the "before" and "after" scenes you're describing so we can see the various layouts you're working with.

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    everything's ok now, i still divide the screen into four but others have black actors that will destroy when it is time

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