Quantity of Object Spawned Up Increases as the Speed of Object Being Spawned Up Increases

ukcdnmafiaukcdnmafia Member Posts: 3
edited February 2019 in Working with GS (PC)

I am trying to emulate the similar way how the ice cream shoots seen in this video:

Each cone randomly shoots up the ice cream. The part I am having trouble implementing is the following:

  • Each cone randomly shoots up the ice cream. (I did use the random function for each cone, but the random generator seems give me the same number for all cones, causing all the creams to be shot up all at the same time)...

  • Every about 1.25 minutes the speed of the creams being shot up increases AND the amount of cream being shot up increases. The game initially starts slow = not too many creams, but as the cream is being shot up faster the amount of cream increases. I keep getting a result where as the speed increases, the less cream get shot up to the point almost nothing get shot up for really really long time...

Any tips is greatly appreciated!


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