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Tables goes to blank after remove row

first of all sorry because my english is not very good so i'm going to try to explain you my problem the best i can. I'm new using Gamesalad so... thank you for your time.

I'm running a quizz app game, with random questions, and i've created a table, and one of the behaviors is to remove a row after a question, in order to not repeating the question again.
I know that when i remove all the raws of the table obviously goes to blank, and i've readed that i have to create another table using the "save table" but i really don't know how to do it.

i've seen the tutorials but still don't know how to do it...

any help will be appreciated!


  • tatiangtatiang Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 11,916

    There isn't a Save Table behavior. Table data loads and saves automatically. I think you are referring to the Copy Table behavior.

    You would want to do this:

    Copy Table [quiz data] to [backup table]
    Play the game...
    When you want to reset the quiz:
         Copy Table [backup table] to [quiz data]
    Play the game...
    [repeat as needed]

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