digitalzerodigitalzero Member, BASIC Posts: 639

is anyone else having trouble with the scene transparency? im trying to make it totally opaque but its not seeming to work... .its a pause menu but i would like for it to be transparent


  • AlkaPPAlkaPP Member, PRO Posts: 194

    Sorry but I’m confused. Do you want transparent or no transparent? By the default, the pause scene will be transparent and you want opaque then add a blank actor as background.

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  • NKBDLNKBDL Member, PRO Posts: 100

    If you wish to have "transparency" for pause menu, do the following

    1. Make a "scene2" as your pause scene

    2. On scene 1, your base scene with your backgrounds etc. Add an actor as your pause button with a rule when touch is released, pause game and show this scene, pick "scene2"

    3. On "scene2", add an actor covering your scene size, make it whatever color you wish, say Black, set alpha to 0.5.

    That should answer your question

    You will need to make an unpause button for scene2 as well next

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