Weird error

bds62bds62 Member Posts: 31

Hey all.

Been many years since I've used GameSalad. Boy have things changed.
My kids are visiting from Korea and I decided to design a little platform game while they are here. Nothing special, just something to make them happy and for me to get back in the swing of things.

So I have this level. The scene is 667x375. The camera shows the whole area, but the actual scene height is 1125, Once you get past the original scene height, none of the platforms are showing but one (which was in the scene before I made it extra tall.

The one circled in green is above camera height and shows when playing, but again was in the scene before I made it 1125 height.

The one circled in red was added later and is invisible when play (same with any other platforms I try to add.)

The thing is, there's nothing different with the one's that show invisible. They are all just copied from the bottom right platform (I even tried just adding new ones).

I can't seem to figure out why they are coming up invisible. Any ideas?


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