assigning actor a tag using inspector in Gamesalad windows not working.

four8gamesfour8games Member, PRO Posts: 20

Here's the issue In Gamesalad for windows when inside the actor attributes window there is a box for "tags" and then a drop down to "select a tag" but when i click on ant of my created tags it does not respond or check the check box. It's really annoying not being able to assign tags to actors by the inspector window, instead you have to drag every actor into your "Tag" while inside your actor library it can get very tiresome real quick when you 300 actors! I have also noted that the Windows Gamesalad creator crashes randomly allot. I have brought this to the attention of the support team like a year ago and still have not seen that there has been a fix or update to the Gamesalad for windows? I like the windows creator version the best but bought a Mac just to use Gamesalad on the Mac version since it seems to be the one that has gotten the most love and is most stable.


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 566

    if windows is the same as mac, you don’t create your tags within the actor.

    go to the home screen, and under actors there should be a pane on the left for you to create groups/tags.

    create the tag you want, then drag whatever actors fit that tag into it.

    after that you should be able to use the tags within behaviours.

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