How To Make a Working Turret

Hey! Somewhat new to gamesalad and am looking to make a TD type game, how do i make my turret actors all shoot at the nearest enemy?


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    What have you searched for? There are several examples of that in the forums. It's not terribly easy...

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    A true TD game with that kind of functioning, (a turret aiming and shooting at the nearest enemy, also being able to set your own turrets where ever you want, so long as it's not on the path,) is technically not completely, freely possible. If you are willing to set a limit on how many turrets and/or enemies there are, and/or maybe limit where the turrets go, I have heard it said that it is possible through table cycling. (I am pretty sure @tatiang was the main one that suggested it.) I would say also with attributes. But here are other kinds of TD games that have been made with Gamesalad, such as a physical td and a manual td, ("SOS Defence" and "Tower Defence - Arcade Defender" defender, respectively. If you are willing to "limit" some of the things I told you about, then yes, it is possible. I mean, settinging al imit on how many towers there are, say, 25 in a particular level max, seems realistic anyways.
    The culprit behind why is because we cannot access the self.attributes of an actor through another actor, (except when you already have the actor unlocked in the scene.) Basically, you can make the td game, you just need to have a good plan. How may turrets can the player have per level? How many enemies? I blew a lot of time tinkering around with the self.attributes before, haha...

  • Twayne2Twayne2 Member, PRO Posts: 458

    Sorry I wasn't more helpful. I can maybe help you get started if I can... Remember, TD games aren't just limited to the classic genre of TD games, like BTD.

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