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LokitoesLokitoes Member, PRO Posts: 161

Hi all,

In my preview windows my text comes up as centred in its text boxes (on the Y index), as it should be, but once it is actually running in Chrome, the text sticks to the very top of the text box rather than down in the centre. Is there a way to fix this, either in GS or perhaps even in the exported html itself? eg a line I can add to the font section of the code?

Second question - generally it seems that with an html export you have to load it to a server for it to work properly. Though I found today when editing the font in the html export that now that part of the script works without being on a server, but the rest of the game is still just black... Has anyone else found this? If I technically were to slightly change every line in the code, would the whole thing eventually work locally?!?


  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,002

    @Lokitoes we're testing an update to the HTML5 engine that will fix this. I have one that's pretty close, but it's not very performant. We're working on a performance fix, but it has problems with multi-line text for now. If you PM me your project, I can send you a link to an updated engine you can use to test things out and see if it's good enough for you for now.

  • Jeffm2Jeffm2 Member, PRO Posts: 107

    I'm having an HTML text problem as well. Things like apostrophes disappear when posted online.

  • adent42adent42 Key Master, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 2,002

    The server thing is based on how we load the game data (as an ajax request). So you probably cant' get around that, but it's pretty easy now to set up a server in your own directory by installing node or python.

    I will PM the both of you our updated HTML5 engine with better font rendering. The only bad part is that the way fonts were loaded had to change, so we're still testing for bugs.

    If anyone else wants to test the new HTML5 engine, PM me.

  • chaosmasterrochaosmasterro Member, PRO Posts: 51

    In my html5 export my font does the same exact thing. I also have some issues with my actors not showing up. Mostly my actors that involve numbers.

  • JeffmastromonicoJeffmastromonico Member, PRO Posts: 2

    @adent42 Thank you so much. The fix for me was turning off smart quotes and dashes on the mac. Thank you so much for your efforts though. I do have another question. Is it possible to color certain words in a display text behavior? Like if I had words to emphasize in a sentence. Perhaps with some kind of markup?

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