GameSalad Creator 1.25.96 RC

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Took us long enough...

This is a pre-release (hence Release Candidate) of GameSalad Creator 1.25.96, which should fix Mojave issues. Normal disclaimers apply: This may be unstable so back up your files before using this, save often, PM me bugs.

If you're curious, we had to wait until Apple fixed Xcode, THEN we could get to work figuring out the issues. Updates include:

  • Deployment target for macOS 10.12 (so that's effectively the minimum version).
  • Updates a bunch of deprecated code, which should prevent some problems in the future.
  • Changes the Expression Editor to different panel type, which means it's no longer dark grey, BUT it should correctly adjust for dark mode.
  • All the new resolutions from the web version.

We're also not quite ready to upgrade to Catalina to test this yet, so we may push an update if we find anything.

Until I set up the RC specific bug form, just PM me bugs.



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