How to keep jump height normal on vertical moving platforms?

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My son has been going through the tutorial to make a platform game. We have the windows version. He is feeling frustrated as for some reason (I don't know what he has done), whenever he jumps on one of the platforms that moves up and down, the height of his jumps seem to change. When the platform moves towards the bottom of the screen, he can do really high jumps (higher than normal), but as the platform moves up, his jumps get considerably shorter, and sometimes he cannot jump at all. Sometimes each jump is about half the height of the previous jump. But when he makes it onto a fixed surface, his jumps go back to normal. Does anyone know why this might happen? Is the problem with the hero or with the moving platform?

Thanks in advance!

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    Thank you both very much, but this is not an optical illusion. We tried slowing the platform down, but this did nothing. Let me explain, let's say the platform is just starting to rise, we can do a bigger jump, but at the halfway point of the rise we can only do mini jumps and at the very top, no jump at all.

    Actually, as I'm typing this he has fixed it. It was something to do with the only thing he could touch to jump normally was the floor, and when he touched the platforms they weren't tagged as solid. I don't understand half of what I've just typed, but it now works. Still, thank you very much for replying!


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    Are you sure it's not an 'optical illusion'? For example when jumping on the platform that is going down, it will likely look like the player is jumping very high because the platform you jumped from continues to drop, and the opposite when you are jumping on the rising platform. If it is an actual problem with the game play (and not just an aesthetic issue) he could probably adjust for it my decreasing the jump hight when dropping and increasing the jump hight when rising.

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    what jamie said.

    if you slow down the up/down movement of the platform, you’ll notice it less, opposite if you speed it up.

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