An improved letterbox?

UltraLionBluUltraLionBlu Member, PRO Posts: 78

Soon I will have to start making my game, it will be a platformer, to make it universal I think I will try to use stretch, but there is the problem that I should create an artificial letterbox, to display the same portion of the game in all devices, I don't really like the idea of having 2 great actors in constant motion.

I know that there is also the publication with the letterbox option without having to create it myself, but that it is not accepted by the stores because they are black bands and do not like them, so it turns out to be an impossible option to apply as it is.

Why not make black bands visible and customizable directly in the program? So we could use Gamesalad's letterbox function without going crazy with various codes.

Am I saying a heresy or would it be an easy convenience to develop?


  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 554

    just use stretch and put in your own bands to mask. that way it’s your design rather than two bland black bands sandwiching your screen.

    side thought, can i say ‘bland black bands’ ten times really fast....

  • UltraLionBluUltraLionBlu Member, PRO Posts: 78

    AHAHAH bland black bands black bland bands .. I can write it many times in a row, but I don't try to say it once

    I know if you remember we had already talked about this, I wondered why there is an automatic system to implement the black bands, which cannot be used, and why not turn it into a system that can be used by customizing the bands, probably now the team of gamesalad has more important things to take care of, but maybe it could be an idea

  • bob loblawbob loblaw Member, PRO Posts: 554

    ah yeah i vaguely recall.

  • mikejamesfishermikejamesfisher Member, PRO Posts: 85

    Is it true that the App Store will reject a game if there is any letterboxing? Will they accept an odd looking stretched out game?

  • UltraLionBluUltraLionBlu Member, PRO Posts: 78

    haha it really makes little sense.

    It also appears that they will accept it if we create it artificially, with 2 actors scrolling to the sides of the screen when we move.

    Solution that I really don't like but that I will be forced to try.

    The good news is that there are methods to use stretch and keep the images proportionate, I suggest you take a look at the discussion opened by the user Armelline in these days "Universalizing Game with GameSalad"

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