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Sometimes the fans do the marketing for you

hoodwinkedfoolhoodwinkedfool Posts: 30Member
I woke up to find this youtube video of someone getting an insanely high score on one of my games.

Mind you this was one of the first things I made in gamesalad and it really isn't all that great... but this guy went and got some giant score on a game that wasn't even made to go that far. He used better tags than I did in the video, and I'm interested to see if I see any boost in downloads (game is free btw).


  • DizkoDizko Posts: 498Member
    Deal with it.

    I appreciate your meme referencing.
  • AddictiveGamesAddictiveGames Posts: 105Member
    Well its only been viewed 12 times so far but it all helps.

    Plus he has a popular channel viewing with over 22k views so far. This game looks good for your first game well done.
  • hoodwinkedfoolhoodwinkedfool Posts: 30Member
    Yeah I just noticed the view count. Oh well, thats 12 more people that are aware of my game now. Thanks for the kind words btw!
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