GS Viewer Major Problem

ShinplasterShinplaster Member Posts: 45
edited April 2012 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hey, I just recently updated my iPod to 5.1, I updated Xcode, updated my mac. I put GS viewer on my 5.1 software and works!. BUT one problem when I open gamesalad on the mac it finds my iPod and I can click it to view on my device, but on the device should be a green light indicating that gamesalad was found. But it stays orange... When I click view on my device in gamesalad. It goes to the sending files screen on my mac but then crashes gamesalad.... Take into notice that I am connected to the same wi-fi on both my mac and my iPod.

THE THING IS. I have an iPad2 so I put GS Viewer on my iPad and it worked 100%. So something is wrong with my iPod but I can't figure it out.

I also restored my iPod.... and still does not work... I have no idea what to do


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