Windows bug? Can't adjust camera tracking area.

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After my Project became a corrupted file :'(
I started over but for some reason my camera doesn't follow my character anymore its a platformer game

I even tried all the videos on YT but it keeps failing
On my previous project is worked just fine :(

Any help.?

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    As I'm not using the Windows version yet, I'm a bit short-handed, but just to double-check, what happens when you:

    1. Open a new/blank project (e.g. iPhone landscape).
    2. Change the first scene's size to make it larger (e.g. width: 960, height: 320).
    2. Add a background image that has different areas so you can tell when it's moving (here's an example: Send it to the back of the layer.
    3. Add a single actor to the scene. In that actor's rules, add two rules: "Move [direction 0] [speed 200]; and Control Camera.
    4. Preview the game.

    Does the background scroll as the actor moves to the right?

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  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,948
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    @tatiang after reading your instructions and i noticed the "Change first scene's size" guess what i only made the pictures bigger not the scene -_- i'm so stupid...

    But thanks alot alot alot!
    It's easy to make mistakes when using GameSalad. I've been using it for about half a year and I still forget to check a box or change a value to make something work correctly. Persistence is key!

    You're welcome!

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