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How to move to another scene when actor touches the end of first scene?

thornster19thornster19 Member Posts: 9
edited May 2012 in Working with GS (PC)
Hi all,

I am unsure were to post this so I decided to make it general. I haven't spent much time with game salad, I was just thinking about the mechanics of changing scenes when an actor touches the end of the screen. Is it relatively easy to do?

Many thanks,


Best Answer

  • v00d0v00d0 Posts: 143
    Accepted Answer
    put an invisible wall at the end of the screen.
    Inside the main create a rule and inside this rule you put: when actor overlaps or collide with WALL => change scene to....


  • thornster19thornster19 Member Posts: 9

    I had a sneaking suspicion it would be relatively simple to implement. I was struggling when thinking of the mechanics but this makes it a lot easier. Many thanks!

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