Problem with the testing mode

lluk12lluk12 Member Posts: 8
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I am using the GameSalad for windows version. When I do my projects all works ok but when I test them, I have two problems
One of them is that the size of the testing screen is very small and all part of the app is out of the "testing zone". I tried to solve it touching the zoom, but it doesn't work it out.
Is there any way to solve it?


  • HapiappsHapiapps Member Posts: 373
    I think your are referring to the area the camera shows. You can have the camera follow an actor or just scale down the size of everything to get it to fit.
  • lluk12lluk12 Member Posts: 8
    Well, in the scene menu when I'm creating the game all works fine and i put the actorss in the camera area but then in the testing mode half of the camera area is not shown
  • TesseractEngineTesseractEngine Member Posts: 180
    Perhaps a couple of screenshots would help illuminate your problem, @lluk12, and then someone might be able to offer some help.
  • lluk12lluk12 Member Posts: 8
    Ok, in a few moments I will upload some pictures.
    But i think it's because it's a beta version because in the Mac version I don't have any problem
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