Promo codes? what are they good for?

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Hi, I am releasing my next game soon, and was planning on giving away some promo codes, so people can reviews it. However, Someone told me I cant give promo codes for reviews. So what is it good for?

thank you for your time


  • UtopianGamesUtopianGames Member Posts: 5,690
    Couldn't resist...Promo codes? what are they good for?

    Seriously though last time i heard you can and should give promo codes to review sites.

    You can also run competitions for them.

  • ultimaultima Member, PRO Posts: 1,207
    are we still able to review with promo code? last i checked several person said they can't review after redeeming.
  • RPRP Member Posts: 1,990
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    Still cannot leave reviews for Free codes..there is logic to that reasoning. Give me a freebee, I leave you a great review. I personally like that (the ability being removed). Nothing I dislike more than a review section based on fallacy. This is the outcome when people abuse the system.
  • Mr HansonMr Hanson Member Posts: 94
    So are they meant to used to send to review sites and comps. I don't know anything about them but I read somewhere that they can be used before the game is released. Is this true.
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    Promo code are just that: For promotion however you see fit. You can send them to friends, family, review sites, game sites, newspapers etc. Just keep in mind that when you do send promo codes to a review site, they typically like to have the pomo codes BEFORE the game is officially launched. So yes, that is true. You can specify your launch timeframe.

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    @JonApp. Yes, once your game is approved you can get your promo codes. You can give these out and people can download and play your game even if it is not released yet.
  • BazookaTimeBazookaTime Member Posts: 1,274
    I actually preferred the system when someone receiving a promo code could leave a review. It is fairly easy to tell the fake review from the real reviews. The big companies still leave shill reviews, they just pay for them now.
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