Huge Incompatibilities Between Mac and Windows Creators

cbtcbt Member Posts: 644
Well I don't have a Mac anymore. (:() So I'm working on Windows Creator but I sometimes check how am I doing Mac-wise on my virtual Mac OSx (Yeah I know Apple is against that)

But I keep seeing really annoying incompatibilities. For example if I save my work on Windows and open it on Mac, my unlocked instances give all kinds of errors. Like Null expressions which were fine on Windows. I need to replace them one by one.

And if you have a Display Text on windows and use;

'Size is:'..'self.size.width'

It won't work on Mac. It should be;

"Size is:".."self.size.width"

Really annoying. And if you use the keyboard button "Enter" for a 'new line' in a Display text on Windows, you need to replace them one by one on Mac with the keyboard button combo "Alt + Enter" for that Display Text to work.

And on Windows, when you change Camera.Width and Camera.Height, the screen size remains the same. For example if you double the Camera Size and zoom out a little, the top right coordinate is still 480x320, but on a Mac, it changes to 960x640. So bye-bye any coordinate related rules.

Well, working on Windows ONLY or Mac ONLY can be arranged. But the question is; will my games built on Windows work on devices as it works on Windows Preview? Am I good to go if I build my project top to bottom on Windows?

Please someone confirm or deny this.


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